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VERATRON’s website was assembled with the utmost care. It is constantly expanded and updated. Nevertheless, VERATRON cannot accept any liability for the correctness and completeness of the information.

Product information

The material offered on these web sites is meant to serve general informational purposes. It does not take the place of any legal, technical or other professional advice. VERATRON accepts no responsibility for any damages, injuries or losses that occur through the use of this information.



The hyperlinks which may be listed on VERATRON’s web pages do not constitute recommendations. The accuracy and correctness of the information listed there is not reviewed. VERATRON accepts no responsibility for damages that result from using this information.



VERATRON reserves the right to supplement, delete or modify the information on this website at any time and without prior notice. The privacy policy does not establish any contractual or formal legal relationship with or on commission of a party.

VERATRON makes every effort to make sure that the content on these web pages is up-to-date, complete and correct. All content is carefully reviewed when it is placed on these web pages and then updated, if necessary, at regular intervals. Since, however, information can be subject to rapid change, the content is not necessarily always up-to-date, complete and correct. The information is provided without guarantee in a legal sense.

These web pages can contain links to the web pages of other providers whose contents are not necessarily authorised by VERATRON or constantly updated and checked. VERATRON therefore accepts no liability for the content on pages of external providers.

VERATRON provides the content for its customers and other interested parties on these web pages for general information. Every visitor to these sites is individually responsible to inform him/herself about any restrictions prior to calling up these web pages and to observe these restrictions.

Downloading or temporarily storing individual web pages on a computer or screen is permitted. The reproduction or long-term storage of content placed on these web pages, however, requires approval from VERATRON. Please contact us if you wish to obtain permission to reproduce content.

Privacy Policy


This privacy policy provides information about the data that VERATRON acquires during your visit to this website and how VERATRON uses these data. Some of the data that we store on our server are data that you have provided us by filling out forms, while other data have been acquired automatically. VERATRON does not acquire any data that could permit identification of an individual user, unless you yourself communicate your personal data to us. Furthermore, VERATRON does not use any technological devices that are intended to identify visitors.

Automatically acquired data and stored data


Like many other companies, VERATRON follows the general use of the website (measuring the frequency of queries) in order to improve it for our users and adapt it to their needs. During your visit VERATRON may possibly automatically acquire the following data about your computer and your visit and will temporarily store this data:

  • domain and host from which you access the internet

  • the internet address, if any, from which you came to this site via link

  • date and time of establishing the connection with our website and the duration as well as selection of sites visited

  • internet protocol (IP)-address of your computer and

  • the operating system and browser software of your computer, in some cases.


VERATRON may contract third parties to measure the frequency of queries. In no case will be obtain information about the visitor’s identity through this. We will demand that any third parties employed for this end observe our privacy standards, transfer data in aggregated form and use the acquire data for the intended purpose and then destroy it afterward.


Some of VERATRON’s web pages may possibly store certain information packets on the visitor’s computer that are referred to as “cookies”. Generally, a cookie assigns a visit a specific number that has no meaning outside of the assigned website. Cookies provide information about how and when and how many visitors visit a website. This technology does not collect any identifying data over individual visitors, rather this information exists only in aggregate form. The purpose of this technology and the information provided by it is once again to support us in improving our web pages. Most internet browsers let the user choose to deny or accept cookies generally. In this however one must keep in mind that cookies may be necessary in order to use certain functionalities (for example, supplying user-specific information), offered on VERATRON’s website. Additional information about cookies is available at de.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP-Cookie.

Personal information which you voluntarily share with us


Only if visitors to our website expressly request it we will use the data we collect to answer queries, to send emails and to send visitors information about new content and services on our web pages . If you decide that you do not wish to receive any of our mailings and/or emails, please inform us via e-mail or letter. Please give your exact name, your postal address and/or your e-mail address. We will make sure that your name is deleted from our mailing list.


VERATRON uses your personal data exclusively for the purpose you indicated when you provided the data. VERATRON does not disclose such personal data to other companies or institutions, sell it, let it or exchange it with other companies or institutions without informing the user of this and obtaining the user’s expressed permission. Other conditions only apply if VERATRON is legally required by law or by court order to disclose and transfer the data.


VERATRON reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. The privacy policy does not establish any contractual or formal legal relationship with or on commission of a party.

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